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Dear Readers,

June has arrived and the start of summer, and we are looking for the sunny days ahead. Nothing says summer more than a harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables.

This issues has highlighted organizations such as the SEED farm that helps cultivate the next generating of farmers with farmer training, workshops and sustainable growing methods to bring the dream of farm ownership to a new generation.

Also, in this issue we are paying tribute to the mighty bee…. without this industrious insect, we would not reap the fruit and vegetable harvest that we take for granted.Bees are having some hard time-these pollinators are in sharp decline. We want to raise awareness about their importance in our everyday lives.

As always we have outstanding educational articles from our team of experts and contributors on a variety of topics and what’s going on about town.

There is never a shortage of things to do in the Lehigh Valley… especially in the summertime.


Linda Hunsicker and Celeste Kline, Publishers