What is Live Casino Online?

live casino online

Live casino online is a version of casino gaming that uses real dealers and real equipment to deliver the most authentic experience outside of a bricks-and-mortar casino. Players connect to a live video feed from a casino studio through their computer or mobile device, and then use software to make their wagers and decisions. They communicate their decisions via buttons on the screen to a dealer, who uses real cards and chips, or spins a roulette wheel.

Live dealer games are hosted in special studios that have been designed to stream high quality video over the internet. Most modern home internet connections and even mobile data services should be able to cope with this. However, every home setup is different so it is worth checking that your chosen live casino will be able to run their games smoothly on your specific hardware.

The vast majority of live casino games are real money games and the best sites will accept a wide range of payment methods. These may include all major credit cards and cryptocurrencies. However, it is worth noting that each online casino handles deposits and withdrawals differently. Some will have minimum deposit and hold periods, while others might charge a transaction fee. It is important to check these terms and conditions before you sign up to a site.

When you visit a live casino online, you will be greeted with a lobby page where the games are displayed. From here you can browse and scope out the tables that have open seats, much like scoping out a game on a casino floor. Once you find a game that appeals to you, simply click on it and the site will take you to the table.

Most online casinos will offer a wide variety of blackjack, roulette and table poker variants. Some will also provide baccarat, craps and game shows. Some of these sites will also allow you to place bets with real money. These bets can vary greatly in size so it is crucial to check whether these betting limits fit your budget before you play.

Those who are interested in becoming a live casino dealer should be aware that this is an intense and challenging role. They will need to be incredibly friendly and patient, but they will also need to be able to mediate difficult situations through a video link and an online interface. They will also need to be well-versed in the rules and payouts of each game, as they will often be contacted by players who have questions.

Those who are looking for a job as a live casino dealer should be prepared to work long hours. They will need to be on call around the clock, which means that they could have to work odd shifts at any time of day or night. In addition, they will need to be able to deal with unruly customers, who may have to be asked to leave the game or even the casino altogether.